March 30, 2022

Ricoh expands 360-degree image data platform business

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TOKYO, March 30, 2022 – Ricoh customers across the globe are set to benefit from RICOH360, an industry-leading 360-degree image data service and accelerated digital transformation journey with the RICOH THETA camera. Ricoh will enhance its cloud-based software service platform business, helping its customers—across many industries—harness the creativity of people at work and develop productive ways of working.

The RICOH360 platform business expansion will include the following:

1. Enhance Ricoh’s framework for marketing and development

  • Centralize the marketing and development structure for devices and services related to 360-degree image data and accelerate the development of business applications beyond the existing consumer market, from April 2022.
  • Strengthen alliances with partners in various business sectors.
  • Leverage Ricoh’s optical technologies to develop new devices that are easy to use in business settings.

2. New sales initiatives for edge devices and services

  • Start bulk sales of the RICOH THETA camera and cloud services in the North American market from March 2022. Ricoh will gradually expand the business to Japan and other markets.

3. Enhanced integration of edge devices and services

  • Expand application (plug-in) offerings that add functions to streamline industry-specific operations, such as in real estate and construction.
  • Provide a dedicated property shooting plug-in for RICOH THETA X that works with RICOH360 Tours to streamline on-site shooting. Add an auto tour application for real estate (beta version to be released in May 2022) that automatically generates a tour just by walking on the site.
  • Offer a time-lapse/live video function (beta version) that works in conjunction with RICOH360 Projects to provide a real-time view of site conditions. Add an auto-mapping feature for the construction industry (beta version to be released in June 2022) that automatically organizes images taken during site patrols into a visual representation.

Ricoh will continue to lead in the 360-degree data services market by enhancing its edge devices and related services offerings, enabling ease of use in various industries and operations, contributing to the digital transformation of customer workflows, and establishing a global platform for 360-degree data services.

About RICOH360

RICOH360 is a business-oriented service that more efficiently digitalizes work and workplaces that use 360-degree image data. In the real estate industry and the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, in particular, Ricoh has provided total experience from shooting to data utilization to streamlining customers’ workflows based on its rich experience with 360-degree image data. The company improves the overall workflow by providing a standardized user experience (UX) tailored to users’ needs and functions that facilitate efficient post-shooting processing.

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