Rationalising Technology Vendors

Morrison Kent

Morrison Kent - three men meeting

Products and Services

  • Cloud-based mail service
  • Individual print trays
  • Remote Working

Key Benefits

  • Single Technology Vendor
  • Improved ability to attract and retain talent
  • Saved costs on mail while retaining data-security

From our point of view it's great to have a partner who understands our business needs and who can provide reliable advice that supports our business holistically



With a history of developing some of the best legal talent in the country, Morrison Kent have been providing legal advice to corporate, commercial, public and private clients around New Zealand for over eighty years.


Continuing to attract the best legal talent is critical to Morrison Kent’s strategy and future success. This required a full assessment of their IT infrastructure and needs.


Ricoh’s assessment led to a number of changes and implementations, including:

  • Bringing in 2degrees to manage internal networks
  • Moving Morrison Kent’s mail server into the Cloud
  • Merging IT and Telecommunications
  • Establishing Ricoh as the sole technology vendor
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