A connection to customers

Ray White Universal Realty

Products and Services

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Digital Signage
  • Digital Display
  • Video Wall
  • Video Conferencing
  • Ricoh Production Printer

Key Benefits

  • Effective inter-site collaboration
  • Increased impact of messages and brand awareness
  • In-house printing

This whole experience has been fantastic from go to whoa. I've been really impressed with Ricoh services.

Amy Anderson, CEO Ray White Universal


Ray White Universal is a specialist agency combining 5 facets of real estate that merges with state of the art technology to satisfy the needs of both on-site and remote vendors and purchasers.


To be a leader in Technology, to create a super-office that connects people from multiple locations – in a live environment,  to be efficient with Marketing spend and to provide effective staff training facilities. Ray White Universal had a plan of what they wanted to achieve and needed help with how to implement it.


Ricoh provided Ray White Universal with a suite of connect and collaborate options, including:

  • Ricoh 84′ Interactive Whiteboard
  • Ricoh Production Printer
  • Logitech Rally Camera
  • Logitech meetup cameras
  • LG 3×3 Video wall
  • LG commercial digital displays
  • LG digital signage