Managed Service

What are Ricoh Managed Services?

Ricoh Managed Services maintain the health and well-being of your IT environment to keep it operating at peak performance, helping to eliminate the frustration and complexity of managing your IT, all at one convenient fixed.

IT downtime is costly and disruptive to your organization. When IT services are unavailable organizations suffer from lost revenue and staff frustration. Downtime impacts on employee engagement, supplier confidence and customer.

Managing availability and performance of IT Infrastructure is a critical, but cumbersome task for a business owner, and delays in resolving issues can bring your organization’s operations to a standstill.

Ricoh Managed Services in action

Ricoh Managed Services constantly reviews performance metrics across your IT systems, protecting your servers and devices with anti-virus software, automatic patches, fault fixes and updates to decrease IT downtime and increase productivity.

Ricoh Managed Services includes access to the Ricoh IT Service Desk for immediate telephone support and assistance. Ricoh IT support is available throughout our nationwide network of offices to provide onsite service when required.

Monthly Customized Reporting comes standard with Ricoh Managed Services to gain a complete overview of the the fitness of your IT.


Ricoh acts as the guardian of your IT to actively manage and supervise your systems ensuring maximum performance.


Ricoh Managed Services are based on a per server approach with desktops included. Pay a predictable monthly fixed price.


Partnering with Ricoh means all your IT requirements are met by one source, dealing with high level specialists to troubleshoot any problem, first time.


Ricoh’s national IT service desk is available to provide support both remotely and onsite, with the Ricoh support portal available 24/7.


Automated tuning, patching and fault-fixing with over 5000 individual checks on authorized servers and associated devices.


Management and updates of the included anti-virus software to keep your systems protected.


Ricoh provides the accountability of health checks; giving you full visibility of your IT environment and the strength of your IT infrastructure.

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