Ricoh Assure (RA)

What is Ricoh Assure?

Ricoh Assure protects and monitors the well-being of your devices to avoid costly IT downtime in your business, providing comprehensive support on demand and empowers you to decide whether remediation is needed on alerted errors.

Ricoh Assure makes managing your IT simple.

Ricoh Assure constantly reviews performance metrics across your IT devices, protects your devices with anti-virus software and performs health checks based on industry best practice. It is integrated with Ricoh’s support and incident management system, emailing status alerts to you. You choose which alerts are critical to your business and Ricoh will rectify the problem on demand as you use basis.

Ricoh Assure includes access to the Ricoh IT Service Desk for immediate telephone and remote assistance. Ricoh IT support is available throughout our nationwide network of offices to provide onsite service when required.

Ricoh IT Services will monitor and alert to the following criteria

  Monitor Type Alert Description System Symptoms

Disk Space Free

Low free disk space will impact PC performance. Files cannot be stored and it may escalate to an operating

PC runs slow.

CPU Usage

Running a CPU at high volume can slow processing capacity reducing productivity. PC runs slow.
Memory Usage A lack of memory can slow application performance reducing productivity and could be an indication of a memory leak or a memory upgrade is required Applications will run slow.
Disk Read Latency High latency issues reduce the speed at which data is read from your disk heavily impacting performance. Disk type upgrade may be required. Applications will be sluggish to load and will run slow.
Bad Hard Drive Blocks A bad hard drive block indicts your hard drive is running inefficiently. Critical data may not be accessible and potentially corrupt, deeming it unusable. A high risk of hard drive failure resulting in lost or corrupt files.
Disk Controller Errors A disk controller error is a good indication that your hard drive may fail in the near future. Critical data may not be accessible and potentially corrupted, deeming it unusable. A high risk of hard drive failure resulting in lost or corrupt files.
OS Patch Status This makes sure all your operating system automatic updates have successfully installed and alerts you when any have failed over the previous 30 days. Keeps your systems up to date with Microsoft updates.
OS Event Logs We detect an unusually high amount of critical errors in your event logs. These errors can include application software and hardware issues and jeopardizes access to your critical data. Your computer may be unstable. Slow or inconsistent PC and application performance.
OS Licensing Status Detects an unlicensed or un-activated operating system. Unverified systems can lead to computer vulnerabilities. Avoid software liability. You may need to buy a license.
Network TCP Connections This helps in detecting malware, viruses and peer to peer software that could potentially harm your computer by monitoring for excessive connections to the internet. Security risk, unauthorized connections to your network.
File Sharing Applications This exposes applications matching the name of common file sharing applications that could compromise the security of your network. Security risk, your data could be hacked or taken.
Machine Offline (Server Only) A server has been detected as offline. This may indicate power failure, hardware issues or operating system crash. Critical information may not be available during this time. Your server is not working and you won’t have access to it.
ESET Anti-Virus Not Installed Not having anti-virus installed can lead to system vulnerabilities including malware and viruses. ESET Anti-Virus is a complimentary part of Ricoh Assure. Security risk. Viruses and malware may compromise your system.

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