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Who are Ricoh Global Services?

The Benefits of Our Global Position

Ricoh Global Services is a leader in global document management solutions with offices in every corner of the world. We continuously drive value for our corporate customers across the globe with our standardised, consistent, end-to-end solutions. We have an unrivalled direct sales and service network model, which means that you can rely on one partner for all your global needs.

We provide strategic support and long-term partnership to our customers, addressing important issues like process improvement, cost reduction, security and reducing environmental impact.

Our size is your strength:

  • We have offices in more than 150 countries around the world.
  • Our direct sales locations span 50 countries.
  • We employ over 20,000 highly qualified service engineers.

With offices in every corner of the world, Ricoh Global Services provides:

  • A consistent platform for integrated document solutions;
  • A comprehensive range of services that enables multinational companies to outsource key document-related processes;
  • Local support and service for fast, flexible response to your needs;
  • A single global point of contact and central coordination.

By standardising your solutions across your organisation we can continuously increase value and consistency. We also understand the benefits of a single point of contact: one team who know the ins and outs of your organisation as well as you do. We provide this on a global basis through our teams based in Europe, Americas, China, Japan and Asia Pacific. This ensures we deliver on our global promise and continuously drive value for you at the local and central level.


  • Why Ricoh Global Services?

    Our capacity to deliver a global solution is just one of the reasons companies across the globe have chosen Ricoh.

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