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What value can Ricoh Global Services add to my business?

There are many benefits of choosing Ricoh as your global partner. Cost reduction, process improvement, document security and reducing environmental impact are just a few of the areas where we add value to your business.

Cost Reduction

Today businesses spend up to 5% of their entire revenue on document production (The Ricoh Document Governance Index by Coleman Parkes Research, October 2009) – a substantial figure in any global enterprise. We help ensure that these costs are kept under your control, and by simply employing an effective document management process, up to 30% of these costs could be saved.

Ricoh Global Services can provide you with a complete picture of document costs displaying a wide array of saving opportunities. This includes a globally accurate measure of current, hidden and ongoing costs of all document output.

By collating your document production across the globe, you eliminate the need to fragment this across multiple service providers. Put simply, economies of scale, cost transparency and control are just as integral in your print environment.

Process Improvement

By streamlining document processes across the globe we're increasing your productivity and performance. When working at a global scale, achieving synchronisation across offices is a serious task but with a global partner, it's a reality. By auditing workflows and identifying corporate-wide opportunities for improvement, we set the stage for business process optimisation.

With solutions ranging in complexity and size, Ricoh Global Services can optimise document workflow. The benefits are clear:

  • Consistency. When your solutions include the same systems and software, and the same integration and connectivity across the globe, you immediately begin to benefit from true economies of scale.
  • Vendor management. Ricoh can ease time pressures, help free up resources and costs by removing the task of individual vendor management. We let you focus on what you do best.
  • Proven provider. When working on a global scale, you need to have total confidence in your solution provider. You need a partner to have the infrastructure in place to support global solution delivery, service, and project management. Ricoh Global Services is a provider with proven, documented success and we've made a long-term commitment to the document management industry.

Document Security

In the digital age, the security of e-documents becomes just as critical as hard copies; especially when operating at a global scale.

This is why our solutions both comply with various reporting and security statutes including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and ISMS and incorporate our latest encryption and security protocols. Personal identification, network authentication, Hard Disk protection and copy prevention are just some of the features that we can uniformly integrate across all offices. By eliminating the need for multiple (and often competing or incompatible) systems or suppliers, you can be confident that your information is still under your control on the other side of the globe.

Reducing environmental impact

We understand that businesses want to act in a sustainable manner across the globe while adding value to their bottom line. Our advanced technologies, consulting services and education initiatives will not only decrease the amount of energy your firm consumes, but reduce paper usage and improve the efficiency of business processes.

That means increased energy savings, decreased environmental impact and happier end users on a global scale.


  • Why Ricoh Global Services?

    Our capacity to deliver a global solution is just one of the reasons companies across the globe have chosen Ricoh.

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