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Major Accounts Programme

Major Account Partnership

The Ricoh Major Account initiative is about developing and forming partnerships with our customers. Whether domestically or globally Customer Satisfaction is the top priority of the Ricoh Major Account Program.

In today's highly competitive environment, applying our resources can improve your efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. We work with our customers as an expert partner in developing integrated networking solutions to meet individual requirements. We seek to ensure that our customers receive maximum benefit from our products and services and strive to build a relationship based on established trust, open communication, and tailor-made solutions to customer needs.

Global Leadership

Ricoh has distributors at more than 4,000 locations around the world, employing more than 65,000 people. These numbers reflect awareness of the "big picture" of global activities, balanced by detailed attention to local requirements. We know how to work as you work, because we make it our business to stay closer to you.

Principal Benefits

Our Major Account partnership means understanding a customer's business needs and applying our resources to solve them.


  • Innovation

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