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Recycling with Ricoh

Ricoh place great value on recycling within all areas of our business. Staff are encouraged to recycle everything from paper and cardboard to plastic bags and containers.

  • Aluminium components such as drums and rollers removed from machines during servicing or dismantling are recycled into new aluminium products.
  • Circuit boards removed during servicing and dismantling are shredded. Heavy metals are extracted and re-used in other products.
  • Paper/cardboard - Waste paper from internal use and cardboard from packaging materials is made into a variety of recycled paper and cardboard products.
  • Polystyrene and polyethylene (plastic bags and wrap) are re-manufactured into other plastic products including; cable reels, cable protection covers and garden edging.

Recycling your used toner cartridges

Ricoh will recycle your used toner cartridges free of charge!

Ricoh can provide you with a collection box to store your used toner cartridges and bottles in. Please read more about it on our Toner Cartridge Recycling page.


  • Environment Overview

    For Ricoh, taking responsibility for environmental sustainability is not an option – it's how we do business.

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