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Cartridge Recycling

Toner Cartridge Recycling

This is a free program for all Ricoh customers, no matter how big or small, to recycle their used toner cartridges and waste toner containers. By using Ricoh's Toner Cartridge Recycling Program our customers can be assured that 100% of toner cartridges and waste toner containers collected will be recycled, here in NZ.

Ricoh’s recycling partner, Croxley Recycling, manage all deliveries and collections of boxes on Ricoh’s behalf by a courier service.

Collections of used toner cartridges and waste toner containers are by way of a recycling collection box through an online request system. To register to be set up for this program, customers fill out the online application form.

What happens next?
1. After you’ve selected the send button the application form comes back to Ricoh to be checked to ensure everything is complete.
2. The application form is then forwarded to Croxley Recycling for set-up in the online request system.
3. You will be emailed a password within 2 working days, which you’ll need to change. You’ll then need to wait overnight for the system to activate your account. After that you can make your own requests.

Please note:
This form is only to register for online requests. Once you are set up and your account has been activated you can make requests for boxes and collections yourself.

If you have already been registered for the online service you can MAKE A REQUEST here.

What happens next?
1. Once you have selected the “Pay Now’ (there is no cost to Ricoh customers) you will receive a confirmation email.
2. Please allow up to 3 working days after making a request for deliveries and collections.
Please Note: Box delivery and collection requests are actioned separately. When you request a box an order is sent directly to the distribution centre where our boxes are held. When you request a collection of a full box an order is sent directly to the courier company. This means you won’t get a box collected at the same time as your empty one is delivered.

If you have any queries you can email us on tonerrecycling@ricoh.co.nz.

The recycling process:
All plastic, metals and residue toner is recovered for recycling.
1. The contents of each collection box are collated and sorted into plastic types and by toner colour
2. The residue toner is cleaned out and collected into 20 litre paint pails by colour. This toner is sent to Enviropaints to be used as a pigment in their recycled paint range.
3. Metal components are sent to scrap metal dealers.
4. The various plastic types go to a number of different recyclers for reuse both in NZ and offshore.

Did you know?
Number 7 type plastic, the long bottle-type cartridges, is sent to Plastech Industries in Christchurch where it is made into Ricoh Scooter Docks.


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