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cert tm

Recognising the impact of Climate Change on New Zealand, Ricoh has taken action to reduce and offset the CO2 emissions associated with the operation of our business through the
carboNZero cert tm programme.

Under the carboNZero programme, Ricoh develops an annual emmission reduction plan that identifies and targets opportunities where GHG emissions can be reduced. Examples of areas where significant improvements have been achieved includes arranging for waste to be recycled instead of sending it to landfill, developing new systems internally and taking advantage of the latest technology to reduce the number of service calls required as well as reduce the fuel consumption associated with onsite service calls.

Ricoh devices have also become increasingly energy efficient, which reduces power consumption and GHG emissions, due to QSU (Quick Start Up) technology. This enables machines to quickly recover to normal operation from the devices energy saving standby mode. This mode is activated prior to installation as is duplex default which reduces paper consumption.

Ricoh New Zealand has been carboNZero certified since 2008.


  • Environment Overview

    For Ricoh, taking responsibility for environmental sustainability is not an option – it's how we do business.

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